Eurovisioni has been recognized also in 2014 as an event of the Italian Semester of Presidency of the European Union, as already happened for the last three Italian Presidencies (1990-2003-2014) that took place in the second semester of the year. Furthermore it actively contributed by means of its own initiatives to the Italian Presidency in 1996 (first semester), as well as to the Presidency of France (2000 and 2008), Finland (2006), Belgium (2010), Poland (2011) and Cyprus (2012).

In 2003, Eurovisioni organized – in close cooperation with The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and TheMinistry of Heritage and Cultural Activities, as well as with the European Commission – two seminars: one on piracy and audiovisual industry in Venice, beside the Mostra Internazionale del Cinema on the eve of the Informal Council of the ministries of Culture and another one about Audiovisual industry as an engine for regional development in Taormina.