Draft text SAVE THE DATE 2019

Eurovisioni 2019

XXXIIIthe Edition Eurovisioni International Festival of Cinema and Tv –

XVIIIth edition of the festival of «Cinema of public service»

“Reforms of the audiovisual:

towards a european industry of medias?

Rome, Villa Medici and Palazzo Farnese

thursday 10, friday 11 and saturday october 12th 2019


Thursday 10th:

Palazzo Farnese

19:00-20:30 Première screening of France Télévisions

« Une belle histoire », produce by Tétra Média.

Friday 11th:

International day in cooperation with AGCOM

Villa Medici

“After the reforms of the european audiovisual, time to apply in national laws”

Session 1 – The transition from autoregulation of platforms to national and european regulatory laws to oppose fake news and hate speech.


Session 2 – The translation into national laws of the european reforms approved during 2018 and 2019:directive of Audiovisual Media Services


Session 3 – The translation into national laws of the european reforms approved during 2018 and 2019: Directive of Copyright

Assembly of the association Eurovisioni (only members)

Cinema screening:

TV Avant première of Rai fiction, France Télévisions and ZDF tbc.

Saturday 12th:

Italian day

Villa Medici

Seminar in cooperation with Foundation Tecno Italia:

“New modes of production, distributione and digital consumption of films and tv programs”. 

TV Avant premières of Rai fiction, France Télévision and ZDF tbc.

Other events at dates and times TBD:
« Prize Roberto Morrione 2019 »
– presentatione of the finalists in Rome
«Re reading article 3 of the Italian Constitution»
– results of the comoetition of italian schools

«Seminar Infocivica»

«The industrial plan of RAI in compareason with Europe”

In cooperation with Articolo 21 and other partners