The issues addressed each year are chosen among those of greatest interest (the launch of digital TV in Europe, , the advent of DBS satellites in the year of their launch, the reform of copyright laws at European level, in the year where an European Union directive on the subject was issued) enabling Eurovisioni to promote the interaction and mutual understanding of the three leading groups in the audiovisual sector: operators (those who produce, distribute and spread audiovisual creations) institutions (that regulate and provide incentives for this kind of activities at national as well as European level) and companies (that, through technological innovation, enable to step up the quality and reach new frontiers). In the rooms of the prestigious Villa Medici and in the Spanish Academy on the Janiculum Hill since 1994, along with the Goethe Institut Rom and the French Embassy, meetings between professionals take place, taking the fundamental chance to exchange point of view in a work which is inevitably and increasingly Europe – oriented