Christopher D. Smithers Foundation “Ambassador of Hope” Award 2022

 Christopher D. Smithers Foundation 

“Ambassador of Hope” Award 2022 

at the 79th Venice International Film Festival 

Created and established in 2008, the “Ambassador of Hope” Award originated from Adele Smithers with the aim of raising awareness about substance and alcohol abuse and disorder and is annually given to the film that best represents these issues during the Venice International Film Festival. The Award has now reached its 12th edition. 

The jury, composed by Nikki Smithers, President of Smithers Foundation and President of the Jury, Brinkley Smithers, Smithers Foundation, Pierpaolo Saporito, President of OCCAM and President a.i of CICT ICFT UNESCO, Giacomo Mazzone, Secretary General EUROVISIONI, Alessandro Mandelli, founder of Serially, Maria Chiara Scipioni, Junior Delegate, is honored to announce that the winner of the 12th “Ambassador of Hope” Award at the 79th Venice International Film Festival is 


by Laura Poitras 

With the following motivation: 

 The documentary not only well describes Goldin’s fight against the Sackler’s family, but most importantly gives an insight into the economic, social and institutional parallels between the HIV/AIDS crisis and the current opioid crisis in the country as well as other important social fights for homosexuality rights and rights to sexual freedom. In doing that, it highlights how social crises do not exist in a single context, but rather it is necessary to capture the relationships between communities in order to probe their depths.