XXXVI edition

To the friends of Eurovisioni A.C.


We are sorry that we were not able to give you earlier information about the life of Eurovisioni A.C. and the next edition of the international television and film festival.

This is traditionally the period when our festival takes place. You are probably wondering about the situation of our association and its future activities. The last two editions were held in virtual mode due to health requirements. We are all looking forward to the time when we can physically meet again in the usual places of our events after this too long break.

The Académie de France in Rome initially planned to hold the XXXVIth edition of our festival at the Villa Medici on 21 and 22 November. But major restructuring and renovation work is underway in the Grand Salon, which houses our working sessions. The actual availability of this space could only be determined in the light of the progress of the work.

Unfortunately, the Villa was not able to confirm the planned dates. It was only a few days ago that we were informed that the Grand Salon would not be available before its official opening, which was finally scheduled for 15 December.

Taking into consideration the fact that the XXXVI edition of the festival would be the first to be held with the physical presence of the participants after two editions organised in virtual format, we took the difficult decision to postpone this edition by a few weeks. We made this choice after consulting or informing Eurovisioni’s loyal partners: AGCOM, the French Embassy, RAI, France Télévisions, Prix Morrione and Infocivica, each of whom contributed to part of the programme.

Today, although the definitive dates of the next edition are not yet known, we would like to remind you of the events that have marked the last few months. We have already received from the Villa Médicis some possible dates for January. Consultations on this subject are underway with our operational partners. We will inform you of the results as soon as possible.

We look forward to seeing each and every one of you again, and we hope that many of us will meet in a restored and even more welcoming Villa Medici. Eurovisioni will thus be able to analyse the new technological challenges facing the audiovisual and film industries, and to provide answers for submission to the European and national institutions and authorities.

Please accept, dear friends, the assurance of our most faithful and friendly thoughts.


The President,                    Michel Boyon 

The Secretary General,       Giacomo Mazzone,