Re: Eurovisioni’s event at the European Parliament hosted by MEP Daniela Rondinelli now accessible in 8 languages thanks to A.I. tools by EBU Technology and Innovation department

Dear friends of Eurovisioni,


•Last February 14th in Bruxelles at the European Parliament, MEP Daniela Rondinelli hosted a conference

organized with Eurovisioni, dedicated to the topic “HOW ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE IS DEEPLY


Speakers from all the categories concerned by the impact of A.I. on cultural and media sector joined and

met with MEPs that have worked on European Union A.I. act and on the Recommendation of the Parliament

on creative and cultural jobs joined at this occasion.

The impact of A.I. was extensively discussed with the help of some statistics provided by ILO, and many of

infinite possibilities that A.I. offered were explored, beside all the concerns that its impact is rising among

professionals of these sector.

EBU, in particular, showed examples of how A.I. could be used by media in a transparent, secured and

human rights compliant way. Now –thanks to the work made by A.I. EBU’s t o o l s – the session is ready

made to be shared with all Eurovisioni’s friends through a simple click on a mobile APP: Tech-I , provided

for free by EBU. You only need to register beforehand in order to access to the area where these applications

could be tried.

Please install the app on your most secure mobile device:

1) Anybody can install the App on his/her mobile device by using:

2) Simply click that link from the mobile device and it will take you to the App store that fits your device

(Apple or Android).

3) After that log in with an EBU account (which you can make here: ). EBU

Membership is NOT needed.

4) All videos now have captions and translated description in the App, as well (in 8 languages).

Eurovisioni thanks for this sharing exercise:

EBU Tech & innovation Department: (

application) and

MEP Daniela Rondinelli -with who we hope to work again in the next legislation- for having hosted

this event: ( )

Best regards,

Giacomo Mazzone, Secretary General